Website Support and Maintenance

With Smash Web Media’s top notch reliable WordPress maintenance services, your website will be free from any functionality flaws, loading errors, and any other issues with the site. We shall monitor your website to evaluate its performance on a regular basis and ensure that it is at its best in all the aspects.

Updates and Security

Websites which aren’t regularly updated are prone to malware attacks and hacks. You wouldn’t want your website to experience such troubles. With Smash Web Media’s robust security integrations and regular plugin updates, you never have to worry about these threats to your website. We shall make sure that your website is completely secure and seamless in performance.

Timely Backups

We understand the importance of securing backups regularly. Your website data completely is and will be secure with our regular backups. You need not be any more concerned about losing data, however smaller that is, as we shall take care of saving each and every element and information in your website.


With regular security updates and protocols from Google, your website is in need of regular functionality enhancements to meet the requirements. We will take care of the fine-tuning your website whenever necessary and ensure that it meets all SEO protocols.


With our timely updates, we ensure that your WordPress website runs smoothly without any lags and enable seamless browsing experience for the users.


We secure your website and enhance protection from any vulnerabilities or threats with regular updates of the installed themes and plugins.


Your files are in the safest hands! Never worry about losing your files of even slightest of importance with our regular backup services.


With our consistent database backup services at hand, you need not be anxious of losing any data at unforeseen complications. We’ve got your back there!


Retrieve the required data at a great speed with our database optimization service. No matter how large your database is, we’ll ensure that it’s optimized and organized!


Consider your website 100% safe from any vulnerabilities, threats, and external malwares with our robust and regular malware scan.


We’ll take care of monitoring your site’s performance, loading times, and sorting out any functionality issues and errors with our regular uptime monitoring.


Leave it to our digital marketing experts to take care of setting up Google Analytics account that enable you to monitor your campaign results, website data, and more!


We stay in touch with you 24X7 with a continuous skype support. We’ll attend to your website requirements and needs in a flash!


The staging site enables us to test your would-be website for any errors or functionality issues so that we can resolve them before making it live for you.


Your website is made highly secure with complete protection from hackers or any external intrusions with our robust security fixup solutions.


Our ultimate objective is your satisfaction. We wanted to represent by extending our services for your website without any kind of contracts/agreements.

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