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September 20, 2017

The transformation is inevitable! Majority of the businesses across the globe have already migrated their marketing strategies from Traditional to Digital. Gone are the days where brands have to make an effort to introduce themselves to the audience and let them know about the products and services offered. The huge amount of data audience carry at their fingertips made them highly knowledgeable allowing them to select the brand of their choice from a number of options at any given minute. Hence it’s high-time for businesses to be more pro-active, insightful, and innovative in capturing the attention of their target demographics. All thanks to the Digital age!

The Need for Transition

Going Digital is now a mandatory for businesses to not only reach their target audience at a desired level but also to stand the ever increasing corporate competition. Not just the conventional digital marketing, the increasing number of mobile internet users has more number of businesses focusing on mobile marketing especially since the past couple of years. If you still need to be convinced regarding the significance of integrating digital marketing into business development strategies, here are some key stats that would definitely change your mind.


  • 50% of the total world population are regular internet users
  • Approximately, there are 3 billion social network users across the globe
  • 34% of population are active social users on mobile
  • There’s 10% increase in the internet users just in the last year
  • 21% increase in social media users has been recorded since last year
  • In 2016 alone the Digital Marketing industry has seen 40% of growth increase
  • By 2020, it is estimated that all companies across the globe will go digital

Digital Age – A Boon for Organizations

Granted, the evolution of digital era has presented many challenges in surviving the competition of online corporate race. But it has also offered a number of opportunities and avenues for the businesses to explore and expand the growth of the organization. Identifying and executing the right Digital Marketing strategy will ensure great returns for companies to an extent which would not have been possible even in their wildest dreams through traditional marketing. You just need to find the alliance and expert industry minds to join hands with in order to accomplish your online growth strategies and meet your website development needs.

What you get?

  • In-depth insight into the dynamic market trends and consumer behaviours
  • Identification and targeting of desired demographics
  • Customized marketing strategies depending on location, user preferences, and trending sentiments
  • Reach into the hands of users through mobile marketing
  • Real time virtual engagement with potential customers
  • Opportunity to virtually expand the brand reputation across the globe through social networks and online communities
  • Website development and updates that meet the needs and requirements of the dynamic google algorithm changes and market trends

Plethora of Opportunities – Bright Careers

With progressive technologies and the need for technique improvisation on a regular basis, Digital Marketing field offers a number of career opportunities for the potential candidates to explore. In fact, there is a high need of digital marketing and website development experts around the world right now as a number of businesses are in the transition phase from traditional to digital. You can choose the aspect of Digital Marketing you are interested in, master the technique, and become an invaluable asset to the company you work for in a very quick time!

Have you gone Digital yet? The right time was yesterday! Get in touch with us if you have anything to share with us regarding Digital Marketing and the related strategies. We’d love to discuss more with you!

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Kishore Naik
Kishore Naik
This article was written and published by Kishore Naik, Founder and Head of the Web Design Department at Smash Web Media. He specializes in website design and development with more than 8 years of experience in the field and has a knack for creating responsive website design in very quick time. He also carries immense expertise in Digital Marketing Strategies and Solutions for all business categories.

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